Clean and Green

Critical Facilities Solutions
has provided specialized cleaning and energy-efficient
solutions to the data center industry for over 30 years.  
Its highly trained staff covers all of North America and
EMEA, providing the following services:

  • Custom data center cleaning – from the ceiling to the subfloor
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Preventative maintenance cleaning
  • Turnkey containment – CAC/HAC
  • Energy-saving products and audits
  • LiveLift floor replacement – new floors with no downtime

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Fast Solutions that Fit

e-Systems Group is a custom design and manufacturer of
enclosures and consoles that provide a safe place for your
most important assets –your people and your IT. Its unique
product designs are built to your specification with a fast
drawing turnaround and quick deliveries. From control
rooms to datacenters to the warehouse and factory floor,
e-System’s durable and quality products will more than
meet your standard.

  • Datacenter racks and enclosures
  • Critical mission-control consoles
  • Workstations
  • Charging stations
  • Security reception desks

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Getting More

The EnaSys asset tracking system provides
you with more time and money for things that
matter.  With EnaSys, there is less time spent
wondering about the integrity of an asset count.  
There is also no worrying if your investment is properly
maintained, present, or processed correctly.  You can focus
on the activities that bring the most value.  EnaSys provides
greater accuracy and real-time visibility of your equipment,
tools, dies, tooling, machinery, vehicles, and all required for
uninterrupted production.  It can also ensure that your processes
are consistently accurate and meet the required standards time and
time again.  

  • Track the real-time location of all your assets
  • Find misplaced assets
  • Take inventory in one-tenth the time
  • Track the chain of customer
  • Have readily available maintenance records with auto reminder
  • Provide affirming  checks on your processes
  • A complete solution – including all the hardware and software to start right away

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Trusting every label

Every EDP label is checked for quality and readability.
For over 30 years, through proven color coding and labeling
methods, EDP has produced grade A barcode quality.
Whether it be barcodes, QR codes, file folders, digital tapes,
or any other valuable items that need identification,
EDP offers the highest performing, most reliable,
and readable barcodes. For thirty years, EDP
has been making custom barcode labels
incorporating variable data so its customer
can trust that every critical document,
data storage tape, or other assets
can be tracked for as long as necessary.

  • Overnight delivery
  • Custom designs
  • Color-coded, barcoded, image and non-sequential data labels

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You’re Covered

Every item powder-coated, large and small,
are processed with the same level of personal care.  
From blasting to finishing, PPC can prepare and
paint the smallest punched part to the largest container.  
Our painting operation includes an extensive batch
operation and an auto line.  No matter the part or
quantity of parts, PPC has over 40 years of experience
ensuring that the most durable paints are used, and
advanced processes followed.  PPC has the largest facility
in Colorado.  With multiple powder booths, ovens, and wash
bays, PPC has the flexibility to assure you the optimal process
that will meet your requirements.

At PPC, you’re covered.  The color and finish you want,
when you want it.

  • Media blasting
  • Batch processing
  • Auto line
  • Free pick up and delivery

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